What is Holistic massage?

Holistic is a Greek word meaning “Whole”
This relates to the Whole person the Mind body and Spirit.
With over 75% of illness manifested in the mind and body caused by our day to day stress, we are always searching for something to help bring back balance in the body.

Holistic massage is one of many treatments that help maintain homeostasis in the body.
With our hectic lifestyles sometimes it is hard to stop for a moment, we run around in our heads totally unaware that we are stimulating the Sympathetic Nervous system.

This constant state causes all sorts of problems in our mind and body such as High Blood pressure, Irritable Bowel syndrome as our digestion switches off whilst this system is working and over stimulation of adrenalin which causes an imbalance of hormones.

A Holistic massage treatment with the use of warm towels, hot oil, soft lighting and relaxing music creates a sense of warmth and a safe space for your 1 hour treatment.

Holistic massage uses long deep soothing strokes to relax the mind and body thus stimulating the opposite of the sympathetic nervous system, it is known as the Parasympathetic Nervous system.
This system can only kick in during sleep or rest, if you unfortunately suffer from insomnia or have a racing mind and never fully reach that alpha state then this may cause havoc with your digestion, headaches or irritability and have a knock on effect in your daily life.

Our bodies are amazing and if we only make time and receive nurturing it can bring about its own healing. This is where receiving a Holistic massage is so beneficial , the parasympathetic nervous system totally relates to the power of touch , the soothing strokes all over the body relays messages to the brain to relax and switch into the healing mode where the cells in the body get to heal and repair.

The beauty of massage is that after that first stroke whether it’s the feet or head this creates a reflex action like a wave of relaxation, some clients say simply lying on the bed with the warm towels has helped them relax.

With so many of us using the computer for 8 hours a day with our shoulders slightly rounded, driving in hectic traffic or carrying the worries of the world on our shoulders, we tent to manifest knots of tension across the shoulder which can lead to eyestrain and headaches that we just get used to living with.

In a Holistic massage the therapist will warm up the area and then squeeze, ease and disperse the tension otherwise known as lactic acid in the body. The client usually feels lighter around the shoulders and has much more movement around the neck and shoulder area. Clients also feel they can breathe more easily allowing more oxygen into the body.

Holistic massage has a high impact on the immune system, with the blood and lymph been pushed through the body its eliminating waste via the kidneys and skin therefore massage can be used as a preventative as well as a cure, regular massage means less colds and flues during the winter.
Holistic massage works both on the physical and also on the psychological level.

If a client just feels down and needs to alleviate tiredness you can really feel a sense of wellbeing after your massage. The mind controls all of our thoughts so allowing time and nurturing for you in such a space creates a shift in the ability for the body to start its own healing on all levels.

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