Mindful massage

With over seventy five percent of illness manifested in the mind and body caused by day-to-day stress, we are always searching for something to help bring back balance in the body. Mindful massage is one of many treatments and most asked for treatment to help maintain homeostasis in the body.

With our hectic lifestyles sometimes it is hard to stop for a moment, we rush around totally unaware that we are stimulating the sympathetic nervous system. This constant state causes all sorts of problems in our mind and body such as Anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, IBS as our digestion switches off and over stimulation of adrenalin which causes an imbalance of hormones.

Mindful massage is a Holistic massage, a Greek word meaning ‘whole’ as in a person’s mind, body and spirit. With this massage, the client gets to talk about their ailments and we look at the cause through the mind body connection. This is called metaphysical causations where every pain and ache is trying to speak to us through our manifestation of illness caused by suppressing emotions. This massage treatment with the use of warm towels, hot oil, soft lighting and relaxing music creates a sense of warmth and a safe space for your one hour treatment.

1hour 15 min €50

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