Beyonce Tour testimonial 2009

Only some of the Testimonials from the Beyonce Tour  2009

A touch of communication between the spiritual realm and that of the body. An ongoing conversation allowing her fingers to be the words and my tension to be the problem, This journey is one that comes from the acute listening to the physical dance between the two seperate entities ending in the bond of a singular peace and neutrality,

Thank you for sharing your spirit with me

Cassidy Noblett … Beyonce… Male dancer

I am grateful for your healing hands, I am so much better than I walked in this week,

Thanks so much’

Many blessings

Bibi……. Beyonce… Guitar

Thank you  Laura for sharing your gifts with the world. You are joy !!! I am looking forward to the next time life allows us meet again, until then, thanks for the memory of a great exchange of energy healing,

lots of love

Crystal……Beyonce.. TRUMPET






Lovely massage today – would love to do it again!! The therapists were really friendly too 🙂

Karen Byrne

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