Indian head massage is based on a wonderful ancient Ayurvedic healing practice derived from India and brought over to the West by the very talented Narendra Mehta in the 1970s.
Champissage meaning head massage,comes from the Hindi term “CHAMPI” from which the English word means “shampoo” is derived.

Champissage has many beneficial effects which are varied and interrelated such as increased circulation and lymph flow due to the breaking down of tension and lactic acid around the neck, shoulders and head area, allowing the blood which carries new oxygen and nutrients towards the head and brain.

We also work along the face and the sinus points to release congestion, headaches and jaw pain.
This feeling along the face creates a huge reflex action on the whole body due to the thousands of sensory nerves on the face and head.

The Indian massage technique you will learn is
where the treatment will be done with the client in a comfortable seated position
the therapist works from behind, starting with relaxation, neck and shoulder massage before moving onto the head and finishing on the face.
As well as working on the physical body and mind, we are also shifting the energy of the body.
We take a look at What charades are and why it is so important to be aware of energy both for the therapist and the client .

Why choose an Indian head massage?
With so many of us on the computer, phones driving and running around all day, this takes its toll on our neck and shoulder area where lactic acid and tension build up very fast across the top of our shoulders causing tension headaches irritability grinding of our teeth and much more.
The Indian head massage is very specific to those areas and will start to work out those knots of tension from the first treatment.

What you need to bring
. 2 bath towels
. anti bac gel.
. clasp for hair.

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