My Name is Laura Hilliard Brady Licensed Louise Hay workshop leader. Based on the philosophy of the best selling author Louise L Hay, In a session I take a look at What Meditation is
The power of our thoughts and how through the use of Affirmations we can change a simple negative to a powerful positive How our words can manifest dis-ease in our body and mind A meditation to focus on the wellbeing of our body and mind

This is an hour session to tap into the true potential of who we are I hour session € 90

Creating a space at your workplace where you can de stress, shake off the pressure of deadlines and release mind blocks that prohibit you from fully engaging your work load.

Beat stress in 15 minutes

1. On-site massage is a convenient and easy way to help
2. Release knots of tension in the body, enabling concentration
3. Relax the mind allowing deeper breaths and focus on the job in hand
4. Increases productivity and lowers absenteeism,

At Massage & Me we define well-being as having a good, healthy, comfortable state of mind, body and spirit. There are many different words used to describe this sense of well-being and people search for happiness, love, wealth, spiritual growth. But most people agree: well-being is that state that is a goal, that place where you want to arrive that is better than where you are now.

Our aim is to show you that you can encourage that feeling as a current experience, rather than thinking of it as something that will happen in the future.

Most of us know when we are busy and stressed, if we just take some time out to really relax, we can empty our heads of thoughts and come to conclusions more easily than if we were to continue at the hectic pace. But what happens when we can’t find that time out. We know we should but there are never enough hours in the week.
Our therapists will bring in an onsite chair and spend 15min with each member of staff to aid the process of unwinding.

If this is something that you think your staff would love as part of their working day please let us know

The cost per hour is €50 with a minimum of 8 staff

Thank you
Laura Hilliard Brady

Some of the companies that have used us : Telefonica, ME Trust, The Irish Cancer society, Collinson Insurance, Rightside, Stelfox, Conference Partners, The Rose of Tralee festival, The Digital Hub Dublin, The Electric picnic,

The Beyonce tour of 2009 and 2012.

Some of the feedback from our lovely clients at Telefonica

"That was "proper" good!! Really enjoyed it...slightly floating in fact....defo worked out some of those knots.
Thanks for organising - i'd defo go again"

Brian Philpott

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