About me

As a Licenced “Heal Your Life” workshop Leader, I now facilitate ongoing workshops based on the philosophies of The International bestselling author, Louise L Hay. As A workshop leader and speaker I now take my talks into various companies and bring about an awareness of The Law of attraction, mindfulness and how our belief systems are created and can either stop us or drive us forward. As part of a holistic package at Your Mind Your Body we also bring the onsite chairs into companies, we help de-stress, alleviate tension in the physical muscles and create a sense of wellbeing to each and every individual client.

Passion for massage is why I am still in this industry after 20 years! I feel that I bring an understanding of the contours of the body to my students and uphold an extremely high standard. Having taught over 7, 000 students and post graduate s in Walmer College and Holistic centre, I am now travelling nationally into spas under my new name Your Mind Your Body.